Saturday, March 25, 2006

Xiaxue @ Wendy Cheng exposed as creating hate site AGAIN.

I am not Wendy Cheng @ Xiaxue. But she used to own this site. How did I know she used to own this site? Do read the rest of this post.

Bored one night, I decided to try logging into one of the most tasteless blogs I've ever seen. The motive of the blog was simply malicious and the style so crude, it boiled my blood just to see it.

With the username of the blog plastered all over the crude site, I was only left with the password to figure out. It took me only 2 attempts.

First, I typed "XIAXUE". It didn't work, so I typed "WENDYCHENG". I was logged in. Giving Miss Wendy Cheng the benefit of the doubt, I told myself the crude blog must be the work of one of her neurotic fans.

(Click on picture to view in original size)

Seeing the crude post in its rawest form.

I was very curious about who is the mastermind behind the crude blog, so I checked its User Profile. There weren't much information except for the username, displayname and an email (

The User Profile.

I ran the email through's search engine it failed to come up with any result. I also made a search with and yet, not results.

I had to be contented with logging onto the crude blog. I did what any decent human being would do, deleted the offensive post.

However, I still had a nagging feeling that I would be able to find out who is the mastermind behind the horrible site. I decided to try logging onto the Yahoo email ( Again, I tried with "XIAXUE", which failed. Next, I tried "WENDYCHENG". was successful again.

Inactive email account of

It was an inactive email account. According to, the reason that the email account was inactive may due to two reasons. (1) The account has not been logged in for more than 4 months or (2) the owner has requested it to be deleted. Every email and file was deleted as a result. I was dissapointed that I could not look at the exhanges that transpired within that email account.

However, all was not lost. I was able to look into the Account Information.

Email Account Information

I was excited upon discovering a name and a primary email address ( First, I ran "Raine Koh" through's search engine and discovered that the name belongs to a Singaporean writer. I didn't want to jump to conclusion as yet, as many people share the same name. I also searched the name on but did not yield any particularly glaring result.

Finally, I ran the primary email address ( through search engine again; no results. Next I tried, searching for "thegoddess gmail" on

Google search results.

The following are the screen captures from, proving that Miss Wendy Cheng, owner of as the owner of the email address (

Posted on October 21, 2004

Posted on February 05, 2005

Posted on Wednesday, March 23, 2005


It isn't much of a surprise, is it? Miss Wendy Cheng has in fact been caught red-handed before for making a hatesite targeting her fellow Singaporean. This crude site was long suspected to be one of her works, but there wasn't any prove until today.

The crude site explicitly shows how malicious, vindictive, immature and uneducated this Miss Wendy Cheng is. I weep for her mother, father, brother and friends, even her pet. The creation of this hatesite as well as the sheer simplicity of hacking into it, also cast a veil of suspicion over Miss Wendy Cheng's MENSA qualification. Is she really as intelligent as she claimed?

She claimed to have been traumatised after seeing her own photos being photoshopped by her detractors with disgusting elements such as semen and so on. However, she has no qualms in posting a picture of another girl her age photoshopped as crude, if not worse. Tell me, what does that speak of this person Wendy Cheng?

Miss Wendy Cheng claimed to empower young girls to stand up for themselves and that she advocates non-smoking. I ask you which is worse, a slightly meek girl who smokes or a loud, obnoxious girl who doesn't smoke but resort to underhanded tactics such as creating crude hatesites to shame her so-called enemies?

I think Wendy Cheng is definitely going to Hell, religious or not.

Some update:

It seems like there are people who are doubtful of the credibility of this investigation. I took many screen captures, and I found one which could prove that I'm not lying and I have not made this up.

The email address ( was verified.

I personally feel that exposing a person for setting up a hatesite is not at all bad. However, setting up a person for setting up a hatesite however is another matter altogether, I truly despise such lowly behaviour. I understand that my honesty, intention and actions will be judged, especially due to my anonymity but I will clarify here once and for all.

I don't wish you to believe or disbelieve me, I only want to present what I've discovered, particularly these things that sicken me to my stomach. You make your own conclusion. I know Miss Wendy Cheng is a liar, she is fooling everyone, by more lies and unfortunately by also misrepresenting other people. My findings were in no way tampered with and if Miss Wendy Cheng felt that she is being framed, be my guest and file a police report, anything that will clear her name. I too, leave traces on the Internet and isn't so difficult to be found.

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